Free Microsoft Office Online + OneDrive

Did you know Microsoft Office is available online for FREE?  I didn’t learn about it until this morning.  There is a Time magazine article explaining how Microsoft is now making it easier for people to find Office Online.

When you go to the Microsoft Office Online page you can use:

  • Word Online
  • OneNote Office
  • PowerPoint Online
  • Excel Online
  • Calender
  • OneDrive

A benefit, besides being free, is that anyone with internet access can use this.  So if you are working with a coworker, who only has the Internet version like you do, you can still share files and work together.  OneDrive allows you to save files online and even backup your computer for FREE.  The personal OneDrive plan gives you 7 GB for free.  If that’s not enough storage, there are other options but there is a charge for those.

Have you tried out Microsoft Office Online?  Did you find any disadvantages to it?

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