Textbroker Work From Home Writing Job

Textbroker is hiring on their webpage for work from home writers.  They pay on a per article basis.  The amount per word varies based on the type of order the client submits and your rating. Types of orders: Open orders - This is an order that is placed in the writing queue for any writer to complete.  The pay is determined by your rating.  The rating scale is from two to five.  The higher the rating the higher the pay. Two stars - .07 … [Read more...]

WriterAccess Work From Home Writing Job

WriterAccess is accepting applications for the work from home writing job.  These are independent contract positions.  A writing sample is required as part of the application.  There is a Star Rating system which determines the type of writing as well as the pay. They have a great frequently asked question section.  Visit WriterAccess FAQ to learn more about the rating system, pay rate and the application process. Ready to apply?  Go … [Read more...]