Appen Butler Hill Work From Home Crowdsourcing Job

Appen Butler Hill has job openings for freelance crowdsourcing (pay per task) positions.  

Crowdsourcing is when there are many people working together to complete a project.  There are often 100s of people worldwide working on the same project.  In general, crowdsourcing is often used for rating projects, transcription, and user experience feedback.

The posting on the Appen webpage does not say specifically what you will be doing in this position.  It does state that each task is assigned a rate.  The rates can vary from .01 to .10 per task.  The tasks are meant to be easy enough so that you can do many quickly.  Appen states that the highest earners earn up to $25 per hour.

Some benefits of this job include no minimum hours, no set hours and the ability to work from anywhere.  This is an independent contractor position which means there are also no minimum number of hours guaranteed.

If you are selected for a project, there will be a contract sent to you with further details.

To learn more about this job and to apply, visit the Appen Work From Home Crowdsourcing job page on


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